Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Toward a more just and equal society

We are taking action

Because words aren’t enough. ASU Enterprise Partners proudly stands beside ASU and commits to building a more just, equitable, diverse and inclusive culture. We are working to recognize and address our shortcomings and hold ourselves accountable for setting and achieving thoughtful goals, initiatives and metrics.

As an anti-racist organization, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can show up as their full selves and feel safe, respected, supported and heard. We are also committed to a workforce that is reflective of the communities we serve. Representation matters. This work matters. We’ve started by looking inward and recognizing where we’ve done well and where we can do better in the fight for equality and social justice.

This is a journey worth pursuing and we will be vigilant to ensure our efforts are transparent and will have lasting impact. We look forward to sharing more as we put our words into action and create meaningful, lasting change — in policies, practices, hearts and minds.

Championing diversity

ASU Enterprise Partners has formed an action-oriented Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion team dedicated to helping us engage in deeper and more meaningful conversations and initiatives. JEDI members are reimagining a better future together through actions that will create more equity among our employees; provide more opportunity for inclusion; and fuel a forum for ongoing conversation on how we can make all employees feel welcome.



Establish pathways for educating ASU Enterprise Partners employees on the structural and individual mechanisms of bias, discrimination and systems of inequality.



Formulate strategies to incorporate JEDI principles at all levels of the organization and its subsidiaries.

Social Impact

Social Impact

Inclusivize our network of donors and discovery resources, enabling us to effectively deliver on our commitment to assuming fundamental responsibility for the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the communities we serve.

Structural Transformation

Structural Transformation

Reimagine a more inclusive, equitable organization where diverse leadership is a key metric for reassuring ASU Enterprise Partners’ success in living our core values.

A commitment to change

ASU Enterprise Partners has pledged to enact the following commitments as part of our initial efforts in seeking significant and sustainable progress.

  • Train all employees to better understand the implications on race and racism on each other and our organization.
  • Secure philanthropic resources in support of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion for ASU and the communities it serves.
  • Write a justice, equity, diversity and inclusion policy that will be distributed to all ASU Enterprise Partners employees, vendors and donors.
Social Impact
  • Increase Black, Indigenous and People of Color representation among leadership and employees comparable to the communities we live in and serve.
  • Appoint an employee-led Advisory Council to assist and advise leadership. The Advisory Council will convene a regular series of discussions about the implementation of our list commitments, our progress, and the continued development and advancement of new ideas.
  • Produce an annual report on all actions, commitments and key metrics related to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Increase Black, Indigenous and People of Color representation on the governing board and advisory councils and committees.
  • Implement a mentorship and development program for Black, Indigenous and People of Color employees of ASU Enterprise Partners.
Structural Transformation
  • Investments and expenditures will reflect the values and a commitment to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

  • The ASU Enterprise Partners JEDI Award for excellence in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion will recognize staff and current donors who actively champion these ideals.

Taking responsibility

Education is an essential tool in establishing a more just society. As the resource-raising arm of Arizona State University, ASU Enterprise Partners is responsible for advancing access to higher education and creating opportunity. Each of our business units play a critical role in furthering the work of JEDI.

ASU Foundation is securing philanthropic resources in support of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion for ASU and the communities we serve.

University Realty LLC is creating a BIPOC internship and mentoring program in conjunction with the ASU Master of Real Estate program.

Skysong Innovations is formulating strategies to incorporate DEI principles, including increased outreach to researchers from underrepresented backgrounds.

ASURE is partnering with ASU Centers serving the veteran community (e.g. Pat Tillman Veterans Center at ASU) to implement a mentorship and development bridge program for BIPOC students who are also veterans.